Monthly Archive: March 2013

Mar 29

This an Outrage!

I was awakened yesterday by the male biped, from a very rewarding and much deserved post sleep nap. Naturally I hate being disturbed while deep in RPM sleep, that’s rapid paw movement sleep, you know all of us dogs dream of running while sleeping right? At least I do ’cause there’s no way I am …

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Mar 19

I Turned Ten Yesterday… GET OFF MY LAWN!!!

Some people love birthdays, some people hate them. For me, like most things in life, I don’t really care. When we’re young we love the excitement and attention, when we’re old we are reminded of the extent of our aging. Again, who cares? Come on humans get over yourselves! Every day is millions of people’s …

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Mar 13

There’s No Way This Pekingese is Getting Out Done by a Worm.

OK Dennis, I see what you you did over in North Korea. Very impressive. Way to really throw the pundits for a loop. You really shocked the country, middle America just doesn’t know what to think of your recent sojourn into North Korea. You stole the front pages of all the newspapers across the good …

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