Aug 15

I Have a Twin Brother!


These are the moments we live for. Imagine my surprise upon realizing that all my life my mirror image has been out there, roaming the streets, blissfully unaware of my existence, just as I was his. Today is a magical day, we are reunited and will never be apart again. To those of you who don’t have a twin I can not explain the bond that we share. In the short amount of time we have spent together it is clear that we are kindred spirits. We both share a deep passion for all things slumber related, I never would have thought that I could possibly meet someone who could out sleep me! Well here he is folks, this guy sleeps me under the table! We’ve even been finishing each others sentences, he keeps it short and sweet, typically using only a facial expression to convey his message, sometimes I’ll be mid sentence and he just gives me a look that says it all. And when it comes to looks, honestly, come on folks look at these faces, the resemblance… It’s just eerie.


Having spent a lifetime apart it was time to start living! Sure we spent a little time sleeping, approximately 3 days, what better way to get to know someone, am I right? After that it was time to hit the road, I decided to take my new brother out and see some of the sights that Brooklyn had to offer!

Pedestrians on Brooklyn Bridgeboardwalkbarclays

What a whirlwind day! The best part is we have a lifetime together to learn and get to know one another! I finally have someone in my life that truly understands me, I’ve always wanted a brother. Words can not express how happy I am at this very moment. It’s time for a new me, no more sarcasm and angst, it’s time to be a better pekingese and face the world with a new, warmer outlook. :)

Update: Apparently I may have gotten a little ahead of myself. I’d never seen that pillow before and perhaps became a little overexcited. Scratch everything I said about being nice now, I plan on peeing on the pillow ASAP, and I blame the male biped for all of this. I plan to sit directly under his feet as often as possible, tripping him numerous times daily.


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