Oct 30

Who likes hurricanes?! No one.

I’m not that strong of a swimmer.

I live in Brooklyn and the two bipeds that I live will have been talking a lot about this hurricane Sandy that apparently just swept through town. In the interest of full disclosure let me get this out of the way, I pretty much slept through the whole thing. I know most dogs get scared and run and hide when there’s a storm, but therein lies the problem… hiding, awesome, running, not so much. If I need to hide, well then put a box over me and call me hidden, until then I’ll just be in my bed, or wherever it was I fell asleep on my way to my bed. I did go out at some point last night during the storm for my usual 20-25 foot walk and everything seemed fine until I came across a branch approximately 6-7 inches off the ground. Now as I mentioned before, I don’t do physical exertion. What to do, what to do? Over the years I’ve picked up a little trick (I highly recommend trying it out), if you come across something difficult, stop in your tracks and lie down, eventually someone will come and carry you where you want to go. Works every time. Anyways back to hurricane Sandy, which is by the way perhaps the worst hurricane name ever, this is all I picture every time I hear those two words…


That’s Sandy Duncan for you young folks out there in Tikisworld.

I find it hilarious that all the reporters were requesting people to stay at home and indoors, haha DEAL! Oh so basically you want me to not change my daily schedule whatsoever, I’ll just try to manage. Question for all you quasi philosophers out there, if you sleep through a hurricane, did it ever really happen?

On a serious note, I got lucky, some of my dogs out there didn’t, tonight I shall snore a little louder for thee.

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