Oct 23

Yeah Yeah Yeah… I’m Online.

Don't wake me up.

Sleep > everything.

So I woke up this morning from my 22 hour extended nap and had a lot on my mind, since I don’t speak english I though this would be a good place for a dog to speak his mind. First off, a little bit about me, I’m nine years old, I’m covered in fur, and lets just say I’m not the most active canine in the world. If I could describe my perfect day it would be me with my eyes closed… all day. Eating’s cool don’t get me wrong, but if sleep is on the line well then get out of my way because the snore train is pulling into town. If you try to take me on a walk, just know that I hate you.

Even though I am only about a foot tall I have a lot of views on various topics in the world ¬†and I feel its high time my labored voice be heard (In case you didn’t get it by now, I’m lazy). This is where I will be posting my opinions on current events, movies, other dogs, neuro science all sorts of stuff, so be sure to check back soon. Buckle up, it’s going to be a ridiculously lethargic ride!


  1. Gail Schubert

    It’s about time, Tiki, that you got a platform of your own to let us know what great thoughts are forming behind that adorable face with the cleverly disguised vacant stare. With your assistants Erich and Virginia to carry out your bidding, the Age of Tiki begins!

  2. Bernard

    Why Tiki-san your English is vastly improved and how do you find the time to be so intellectually abundant with your blotting when you are so busy getting stomach punched by dear Virginia

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