Feb 28

I Had a Great Time on the Carnival Triumph!!!

triumph deck

I just spent five days aboard a floating paradise and I can’t wait to set sail again as soon as possible! The weather was perfect, what else do you expect when you’re in the Gulf of Mexico, know what I mean?! The food, terrific, I don’t know exactly what it was the chef had done to prepare the food, but wow is all I can say, it had such a sour earthy taste to it. The party seen was also truly a sight to behold, the entire ship was a literal hive of energy. I can tell you this, no one slept aboard the Carnival Triumph! As for the accommodations, I have to be honest, before I set paw aboard the massive cruiseliner I was a little bit concerned. Trust me the Triumph did not disappoint! My room wasn’t that spacious but I was quickly alerted by various helpful crew members that all of the passengers were suddenly allowed to sleep outside on the deck! Talk about living it up! Basking in the sun all day, sleeping wherever you fall, roaming around aimlessly, what did I do right to get this perk?! For some reason I truly do not understand, some of my fellow passengers chose other sleeping options, some people don’t know what they’re missing out on.


The only good thing about being indoors was perhaps the smell. Oh the glorious smell, rancid, rotting food, body odor, and the poop, simply amazing, there was poop everywhere. So yeah, quite simply canine heaven! You can imagine how surprised I was when we returned home to hear that my vacation of a lifetime had been deemed something of a catastrophe. Crazy talk. If you ask this dog, Carnival has a customer for life!!!!!


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