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Mar 19

I Turned Ten Yesterday… GET OFF MY LAWN!!!

Some people love birthdays, some people hate them. For me, like most things in life, I don’t really care. When we’re young we love the excitement and attention, when we’re old we are reminded of the extent of our aging. Again, who cares? Come on humans get over yourselves! Every day is millions of people’s …

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Mar 13

There’s No Way This Pekingese is Getting Out Done by a Worm.

OK Dennis, I see what you you did over in North Korea. Very impressive. Way to really throw the pundits for a loop. You really shocked the country, middle America just doesn’t know what to think of your recent sojourn into North Korea. You stole the front pages of all the newspapers across the good …

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Feb 28

I Had a Great Time on the Carnival Triumph!!!

I just spent five days aboard a floating paradise and I can’t wait to set sail again as soon as possible! The weather was perfect, what else do you expect when you’re in the Gulf of Mexico, know what I mean?! The food, terrific, I don’t know exactly what it was the chef had done …

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Jan 31

Ok, it was me… Ha Ha Ha!


Ask yourself, are you really all that surprised? Who in the world would have that kind of free time to invest in a three year hoax? Me, that’s who. Go ahead feel bad for poor old Manti if you like, but trust me he had it coming. I’ve known Manti for most of my life, …

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Dec 20

Tiki the Red Nosed Pekingese


Well I’m back from my vacation and boys was it exhausting, nothing but eating and sleeping all day, all night. I guess it’s true what they say, no rest for the perpetually weary. Needless to say I was not happy to return home but what can I do when I’m thrown into a car and …

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Nov 13

I’m on Vacation


Well, the bipeds are off on some trip, China I think it was they mentioned, I never really listen to them very much, if it’s not one thing it’s another, sit, stay, eat, wake up… it never ends. Anyways, what does that mean for me, I’m headed off to my vacation home in Boston, I …

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Nov 08

Your President In A Perfect World


You humans amuse me, you really do. I recently discovered that you do something called an election to choose who will be your new leader, at least here in what I believe is called the Unified Regions of American or something. I find this concept to be hilarious. Look at it from my point of …

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Nov 01

Halloween… Seriously?

Tiki Halloween

Last night I was kidnapped by from my bed and forced by the bipeds to sit on this step, in this outfit for 90 minutes. I was told that is some sort of tradition, a tradition I don’t necessarily need to be a part of. As for the dining options for the evening, chocolate. WTF!!!! …

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Oct 30

Who likes hurricanes?! No one.

life preserver

I live in Brooklyn and the two bipeds that I live will have been talking a lot about this hurricane Sandy that¬†apparently just swept through town.¬†In the interest of full disclosure let me get this out of the way, I pretty much slept through the whole thing. I know most dogs get scared and run …

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Oct 23

Yeah Yeah Yeah… I’m Online.

don't wake me up

So I woke up this morning from my 22 hour extended nap and had a lot on my mind, since I don’t speak english I though this would be a good place for a dog to speak his mind. First off, a little bit about me, I’m nine years old, I’m covered in fur, and …

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